Skabelonloftet Exhibition

Sept. 20th 2014 - Copenhagen

This is my 4th exhibition.

It took place the 19th of september 2014 at Skabelonloftet, the old B&W shipyard in Refshaleøen Copenhagen.



Helicoid lamp

kinetic sculpture
clock parts, tracing paper, iron wires, used parts

Helicoid propeller playing with light

Flying machine helicoid

kinetic sculpture
iron wires, used parts

An helicoid propeller used as a “air screw”.

Flying machine blimp

kinetic sculpture
clock parts, iron wires, tracing paper, used parts

Shape of a vertical windmill turbine used as an horizontal propeller.

Anemometer Spine Lamp

kinetic sculpture
clock parts, motor, used parts

A moving anemometer making shadow shapes with light

Space Invaders machine

digital sculpture
LCD, arduino, used clock parts

A simple game, reminding of some steam punk industrial creations
You can play the game pressing the start button on top of the joystick and turning the pot

Pong Tv

digital sculpture
used small tv, arduino

A simple game, reminding of some steam punk industrial creations
Multiplayer game (functionnal)
press the little button on top of the TV screen to start
player A turn button on the side
player B turn button on the other side

Revolution #IX

3D printed parts, band tape player, electronics

Track Revolution #9 by the Beatles
The band tape makes a design related to the sound


Motor lamp

digital sculpture
used metal parts, arduino, LED lights, infrared sharp sensor

A lamp reacting to the proximity of the people


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