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Frédéric Dilé

Artist and coder

Bio & Work experience

Living in Copenhagen since 2008, Frédéric Dilé works in the field of interactive art and web design art direction & programming.

Born in 1973 at La Roche-sur-Yon in France, he started his career as an interior designer for 4 years after graduating from the art school Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Appliqués et Metiers d’Arts, aka Olivier de Serres, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.
He then followed an autodidact path, getting more knowledge in webdesign and programming, as well as interactive design.

Frédéric Dilé worked for several years in major companies such as Architral (shops interior design), AlloCiné (a movie related company) or CanalPlus in Paris.
There, he managed to work and collaborate on many famous projects like the site of the Festival de Cannes, and more than 300 movie websites (Fight Club, Lord of the Rings, …).

In 2005, Frédéric Dilé created, designed and built, a multi-media space, between, internet café and art gallery in Paris (Xème arrondissement) where customers could see different form of art including graffiti, video projections of shortcuts and documentaries, painting, multiple events in design and illustration, and also hosting an Adobe France TV show for flash and photoshop training.

From 2008, Frédéric Dilé worked as an online Art Director for international accounts like Dell, Sony, or Carlsberg in advertising agencies AdPeople and McCann Copenhagen.

At the same time, he has collaborated with different alternative artistic events such as an audio performance in the Copenhagen metro called the pirate metro party (2008), a sculpture and audio installation during the biggest festival in Copenhagen: the Distortion festival 2009.

In september 2012, he created an interactive art piece together with the painter Krista Rosenkilde exhibited during the PaperMatch exhibition in Carlsberg Copenhagen.

In january 2013, he created and built a interactive video installation together with the photographer Jean-Marie Babonneau, where people could bike virtually in 2 different cities at the same time. The piece was exhibited during the French Art Day in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen.

In March 2013, he programmed and installed an interactive kinect & touch screen piece for the Lundbeck global conference in Dubaï.

Since then he’s working on several pieces of interactive art mixing sculpture, electronics and programming.

Feel free to download my cv in english or in french.

Here is a more detailed list:


2012-now – Freelance

2011-2012 McCann Copenhagen – Senior Art Director

2010-2011 Freelance

2008-2009 Senior Online Art Director @ AdPeople / Enfatico

Concept, Webdesign, programming, Motion videos for AdPeople/Enfatico.
I have worked on several accounts such has Sony, Dell and Novozymes.
I design and built the french website of the “Take Your Own Path” campaign (now offline),
and worked on the design and code of the adaptation of the campaign for UK,US,Japan,China,Canada and France (v.2.0).

2007-2008 Freelance web

Webdesign & programming for several companies and people.
Short term contracts for major ad agencies like TBWA Interactive, Ogilvy Paris.
Work on flash animations for Coca Cola Light, Louis Vuitton or Veuve Clicquot.

2005-2007 Restaurant Dune creation

Creation of the company e-dune SARL, Design and achievement of a multimedia space, bar, restaurant, with video projections, internet connection and art gallery located 18, avenue Claude Vellefaux Paris Xème arrondissement.
Still in activity.

2004-2005 Freelance web

Different kind of websites for individuals.

2001-2006 Betanum SARL

Creation and direction of Betanum SARL with 2 other associates,company specialized in multimedia products including websites, network administration and audio/video events.

1999-2004 Art Director Allociné CIS, Paris

Art Director of CIS, the B to B web division of AlloCiné (major movie tickets provider in France).
Art direction, design & programing of more than 300 websites,
like official movie websites of the movies :
Lord of the Rings, Le Pacte des Loups, Austin Powers, Bridget Jones, Fight Club, Cypher, Cube, etc…
Also major websites for french festival and french movie distributors like :
Le Festival de Cannes (2002), le Festival des Césars, Unifrance, Metropolitan Filmexport,…
Management of a 5 webdesigners team.

1998-1999 Military service – génie STBF, Versailles

Furniture design, interior design of EOGN Ecole d’Officier de la Gendarmerie Nationale..

1996-1998 Interior design agency G. Barrau Architral & GBGM, Paris

Interior design, draughtsman, on shop concepts.
I worked on designing major french brand shops like
FNAC Vélizy, several Photo Service’s shops, Sephora, Club Med, …
Creation of a new PhotoService’s concept in august 1997.
I’ve been involved on all processes of commercial interior designing,
as designer, building workers manager, and also managing quotations.


Perfect knowledge of all the graphic production software from Adobe Creative Suite,
especially Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.

– actionscript 3 with Flash, Flash Builder (former Flex), HTML, HTML 5, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript, php, mySQL with notepad, Textmate (MacOSX).
– Java/Processing
– openFrameworks
– Training on SASS, and use of JS frameworks like BackBone

– Arduino, Kinect, and good notions of electronics.

I own a 3D printer and often make my own parts in sketchup
training on Cinema 4D

Good knowledge of After Effects, but also of web broadcasting requirements.


Mostly autodidacte but I had some training on After Effects.
BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur eq Master) Interior Design at ENSAAMA (National Applied Art School) Olivier de Serres Paris XVème
Baccalaureate E (mathematics & technics)


French: mother tongue
English: fluent
Danish: small talk, read and write (I passed 9 months at Studieskolen in KBH)