Le Petit Tour Paris/Copenhagen Interactive art installation – Øksnehallen, Copenhagen

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Video by Jean-Marie Babonneau.

Collaboration of Jean-Marie Babonneau & Frédéric Dilé.
Interactive video installation where the people could cycle in 2 different places (Paris & Copenhagen) at the same time,
exhibited during one week end (19th and 20th of january 2013) at the French Art Day, a 2 days art festival in Copenhagen (Øksnehallen), Denmark.

The speed of the video was linked to the speed of the cycling.

Arduino programming: F Dilé
Openframeworks programming: F Dilé
Electronics: F.Dilé
Structure and sensors design and building: F.Dilé
Video shooting in Paris & Copenhagen: J.M. Babonneau
Video post production: J.M. Babonneau

Materials & software used:

– Arduino
– Quadrature encoder for the cycle wheel speed (from an old printer…)
– openframeworks for the video player and variable speedrate of the video
– fans recycled from an old MacPro
– homemade 3D prints of fan boxes

Jean-Marie Babonneau’s website : http://www.babonneau.com/
French Art Day:frenchartday.com
Sponsors: gopro cameras gopro.com + playground denmark playgrnd.dk / avenue av avenueav.dk / loke cyklerlokecykler.dk

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/frenchartday


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