Roskilde Festival Duck

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A talking duck as a guide for the Roskilde Festival 2019 program.


Video © HelloGreatWorks – Oliver Rye Nielsen


During 3 months I have been busy building an animated robotic duck as a Extended Google Assistant

What the duck?

The story actually begins with a fish.

Back in the day, the teams setting up the different stages had a fish mascot that they kept stealing from each other to use as their stage mascot.

The guy in charge of building up the Orange Stage canopy is called Anders, and he’s known as anden, which translates to “the duck”.

When he was put in charge, he brought his own personal mascot, the duck, and stuck it right there, top middle, of Orange Stage.

It now gets a little nerdier: The duck was once stolen by the team from the Arena stage, who painted it green because that stage was once called Green stage.

They had to pay for that mistake of course, with lots of beer, and after a while the Orange crew managed to remove most of the green paint, but if you look closely you can still see green remnants on the otherwise yellow duck.

Concepting & building

Testing Dialogflow in video

The duck at the festival


What: Interactive robot duck
Who: Frédéric Dilé, Oliver Ryg Nielsen (DialogFlow), Emilie Gregers Zimino (Project manager), HelloGreatWorks
When: July 2019
Where: Roskilde Festival site
Work: Concept, electronics, fabrication & programming
Raspberry Pi 3b+, LED’s, Microphone, Adafruit PWM servo hat, battery, solar panel, UBEC 12-5V, DialogFlow, Google Assistant Service grpc

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