Henrik Vibskov – The Onion Farm Interactive light installation

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I was lucky to collaborate to a project with the great danish artist Henrik Vibskov.
The art installation was made for the London Design Festival and took place at the V&A Museum in the tapestries gallery.
After 2 weeks of prototyping, testing various LED rings and programming, we eventually settled for EL-wire.

While I could have used any arduino for the project, we wanted to add sound to the lamps and also trying to make the lamps respond to each over so that was a perfect job for the Raspberry Pi.
The RPi’s were controlling the Sparkfun EL Escudos Dos and changing light & sound according to distance readings of the HC SR04 ultrasonic distance sensors.

Pictures of the building

Photos by Andy Stagg for the London Design Festival

Video by the London Design Festival

The installation was also displayed at Messums Wiltshire in Tisbury, England

What: Interactive light installation
Who: Henrik Vibskov
When: September 2018
Where: Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Work: Light design, electronics & programming
Raspberry Pi, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensors, EL wires, EL inverters, small speakers

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