Tivoli Vertigo cameras

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We design and built an automatic gif camera system for the amusement parc of Tivoli in Copenhagen.

The camera was triggered if acceleration was more than 2G, 10 pictures were then taken and arranged into a back and forth looping animated gif with a Python script.

Gifs were then sent to a server on land via MQTT protocol through a Wifi network.

When people were getting out of the planes they were offered to download their gif with a unique code on a website.

Here are some details on the building process:

The app where people could download their gif from the ride:

What: Automatic gif camera
Who: Frédéric Dilé (creative tech), Christian Langballe (creative Director) HelloGreatWorks For Tivoli
When: May 2017
Where: Tivoli garden, Copenhagen
Work: Concept, electronics, fabrication & programming
Raspberry Pi zero, Pi camera, Adafruit accelerometer

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