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In the wild and wonderful world of memes, gifs, cats, lasers, snaps, emojis, love, wows and likes, it’s easy to forget what we do and share is being collected and distributed. And not just by governments, but big businesses. YOLO means we’re constantly sharing, and this data is being used IRL. We have the right to know how, why, where and by whom.
“I see u” consists of a DIY spy kit, an installation at Trailerpark i/o where people experience the unexpected effect of real-time surveillance, and a hands-on lab that shows people how to build their own spy kits at the festival.


Featured in Wired magazine Germany & UK

Concept: Frédéric Dilé, Christian Langballe, Pia Leichter together with Space 10
Copywriting : Pia Leichter
DIY kit conception, fabrication, electronics & programming: Frédéric Dilé
Installation conception: Frédéric Dilé
Installation building: Greatworks
Website: Bo Fløjborg, Pia Leichter, Christian Langballe
Website development: Rasmus Elken

Displayed in Wired UK & Germany
Shortlisted at The Webby Awards 2017

Chosen as one of just 50 global projects for Webby for Good by The Webby Awards
Won Site of the Day at CSS Winners
Won Site of the Day at FWA
Awarded SPECIAL KUDOS at CSS Design Awards
Shortlisted at Creative Circle Awards 2017

What: Installation & DIY product
Who: Space 10 / Hello Great Works
When: July 2016
Where: Trailerpark Festival, Copenhagen
Work: Concept, electronics & python, javascript programming
For the DIY kit: laser cut cardboard, Raspberry Pi, soundcard, Adafruit touchscreen
For the installation: Video Projector, Computers & Microphones

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